Yikes More American’s are Becoming Hoarders Now More Than Ever

Hoarding might seem funny from the outside looking in; like why in the world would someone fill their house with junk and even trash to the point it fills up rooms and creates a very unhealthy environment.

It’s actually a very serious problem, but aside from the issues related to mental health, we are now facing another hoarding epidemic, and it’s impacting a lot of people. I am seeing it more and more these days, and while not as severe as what you see on TV (yeah, those hoarding shows are addictive because they are so outrageous), but nonetheless it’s a problem.

Why? Why is this happening?

I have a theory, and I don’t think it’s so far fetched.

We buy a lot of stuff. A lot of useless sh#t.

So useless in fact that we don’t use it. Maybe for a bit, then we get bored and move onto the next useless thing. Over time this pile of useless sh#t grows larger and larger.

Then the, “I might use that again some day” excuses clouds our brain. It would be so simple to sell what we don’t use, or give it away to someone would WOULD actually use it. But no, we have major FOMO – fear of missing out. On what? Possibly wanting or needing that thing some time in the future.

It’s an excuse because we will never need it. We will never want it. But we just can’t let go of it.

Online shopping is one of the
biggest contributors.

Freaking Jeff Bezos – it’s all his fault. Seriously, if Amazon wasn’t so convenient we would never buy the stuff we do. Online shopping is causing us to accumulate a pile of crap.

It’s just so easy. Most people stay logged into Amazon. They see something, feel they need to have it, see that they can have it the next day, and click “buy” without even thinking.

Before if you wanted to buy something you had to put some effort it.

On Amazon, you might see a new pair of sneakers that look cool. So you buy them. You didn’t even have to move off your couch.

Before, you would only think about buying new sneakers if you needed them. Then you would have to get dressed, leave your house, get in your car, drive to the mall, park, go to the store, make the purchase, drive home, etc. It was a process. You wouldn’t go through all of that unless you REALLY needed new sneakers.

shopping addiction contributes to hoarding

Please, just get rid of the crap you don’t use — and if you see your friends becoming hoarders please give them a much needed wakeup call.

The easiest way to solve this problem if you know you are collecting and piling up too much junk is to make an effort to get rid of it. Once you commit to doing that it’s smooth sailing.

You can give it away, donate it, sell surplus to recoup some money, etc. Either way, just get rid of it. And if you take a little financial hit to the pocket it might actually prevent you from so much reckless spending in the future. It’s a waste of money.

If you see friends or family morphing into a hoarder you need to help them. Please.

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