Finally, We Can All Freely Talk About Mental Health

I’m really happy with what I see in the media these days when it comes to stories and discussions about mental health. It’s now more accepted to speak about it publicly and there is a major push to spread mental health awareness, according to experts at

This is all really good news. It seemed like there were always news stories breaking about suicide and in the end there was always a story about deep depression. Imagine if some of those people just felt like they could talk to someone and say, “Hey, I really am not happy now and I want to get help.”

Before they would be considered different and some people might just ignore the cry for help. Now we are all encouraged to speak openly and freely about it.

I personally know a few people that have battled severe cases of depression and I believe that it’s their non-fear of public perception that saved them.

It’s No Longer Taboo

Years ago people that would come out and discuss anything related to mental health would be looked at like they had three heads. It was a taboo subject. Now it’s welcomed.

Now people encourage others to speak about it. It’s really amazing how far we have come in just a few short years. What is talked about today is 1,000 times more than just a few years ago and it continues to increase.

Finally Realizing Medication is
Not Always the Answer

Before if someone was sad or depressed they would be given medication. “Take this. It should help.” That was it. Guess what? It didn’t help and in some instances it just contributed to the problem and made things worth.

We are finally learning to not rely on medication so much and assume it’s the solution for all problems. Natural supplements designed to lower anxiety levels are now being used and there are a lot more support groups that encourage talking problems out, and coming up with a plan and solution

medication isn't always the answer

Lots of Options

There were no options before. People that felt like there were no options for them felt backed into a corner. Now there are groups, both online and in-person, that you can join. Just being around people in a social setting is sometimes beneficial. Much more so than sitting alone and dwelling and overthinking.

There are even websites like that make it easy to find local help instantly. For those that want help – it’s around almost every corner. And now that open discussion is encouraged people don’t hesitate when seeking help. They aren’t scared.

Promoting Happiness is the End Goal

help others be cheerful and happy

There are a lot of promotions and campaigns that stress the importance of happiness and it’s nice to see a lot of organizations being born to join in the fight to help mental health issues.

A lot of big companies are also starting initiatives and donating money to causes. Everyone is getting involved it seems and this not only helps raise awareness, but it also contributes to the solution and help available.

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