How to Pick the Right Pod Mod

Pod Mod vaping devices are gaining popularity worldwide taking the vaping industry to a new level. Pod Mods are generally two types better known as the Open Pod System and the Closed Pod System. To give a better idea we will be explaining the two along with differences between them. Both these vaping devices are very popular and can be used easily. Pod Mods are gaining huge popularity among people who are looking forward to transforming from smoking to vaping. Pod Mods systems contain e-juices that have nicotine salt content which offer smokers the needed hit every time they drag from the vaping devices.

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Open Pod System:

Open Pods are very popular as they come with refillable pod cartridge options. Users can replace the pods with new cartridges that consist of e-liquid in them. It is necessary to replace the cartridge frequently along with the coil to get the best vaping experience. Enrich your pod mod collection now!

Closed Pod System:

Closed Pod System is a much more simplified vaping device when compared to an open pod system. The closed pod system comes with a pack of cartridges that are filled with e-liquid. The user uses these cartridges to vape and can again use a new cartridge. Once the liquid runs out of the cartridge you have to throw that cartridge and fit a new one.



If you consider usability then Closed Pod Mods are for those who are new to the vaping world. This vaping device is very simple to operate and is quite user friendly. On the other hand open pod mods are for the more experienced individuals. In an open pod mod you can try out any e-liquid that consists of nicotine salt. 

Option of Flavors:

In the Open Pod System, users can consume various flavors as per their taste. The open pod systems have refillable tanks that can be filled with flavors of your choice. People who are vaping can choose this device as it helps them choose their own flavors and nicotine levels.

On the other hand, closed pod systems come with limited flavor options. To get flavors in your closed pod system you have to buy vaping devices from different manufacturers.

Refillable feature:

The closed pod systems do not have refillable capabilities in them and can be used for a single time only. This type of vaping device is for the new vaping enthusiasts who vape quite less.

On the other hand the Open Pod System has refillable technology. Users can easily change the refillable tank with new flavors of their choice which is exciting. 


The closed Pod system is a simple vaping device that has very few features when compared to the Open Pod System. The Closed Pod system can be used a single time as it does not have refillable capability.

On the other the Open Pod system comes with various features. Users can change the temperature and resistance of the coil to get the perfect vaping experience. Also the wattage can be manipulated in the Open Pod System which is a striking feature.


As the Closed Pod System has limited features, their prices are lower when compared to the Open Pod System. The closed Pod System has a very short life as it cannot be refilled once the e-liquid gets over.

On the other hand the Open Pod System is loaded with features such as temperature control, wattage, refillable tank and many more. The price of these vaping devices is quite expensive when compared to the Closed Pod System due to the facilities it offers the user.


From the above information you can easily choose the right pod for you. If you are new to the vaping world or are looking for an alternative for smoking then the Closed Pod System is perfect for you. If you are someone who is experienced and would like to try various flavors and nicotine then the Open Pod system fits perfect for you.

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