Ways a Toxic Job Can Make You Sick

Those who have seen the effects of toxic jobs up close — therapists, counselors, LA wrongful termination lawyers — know that they can be more devastating than you might think. Far beyond simply making you a bit stressed out, a toxic job can rob you of happiness and have direct effects on your physical health. Before you let a job you hate wear you down, learn about the many real ways it might be making you sick.

It Can Destroy Your Sleep Schedule

As the stress level at your toxic job rises, your ability to get a good night’s rest can start to diminish. Imagine, your mind racing as you try to fall asleep, reliving the events of the day or dreading going into work the next day. The toll of sleepless nights can start to add up, leading to an increased chance of accidents, anxiety & depression, or physical ailments like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

It Weakens Your Immune System

That lack of sleep combined with the extreme stress that a toxic job can put you under will eventually wear down your immune system. What’s more, being constantly stressed and tired makes you more likely to make poor dietary choices, worsening your nutrition and putting you at an even greater risk of getting sick. If your work environment is hostile, you can expect illness to come at some point in your near future.

It Wrecks Your Gut Health

Your gastrointestinal system is more important (and more fragile) than you might think. Once again, the increased stress that you feel from a toxic job can exacerbate all sorts of GI issues, including ulcers and diarrhea. What’s more, the decreased blood flow and increased inflammation in the gut can actually increase your risk of infections, which might lead to even further digestive problems down the line.

It Drains Your Brain

The more you’re focused on that toxic job (and letting it stress you out), the more your mental health will start to decline. The wear and tear of a terrible workplace diminishes your cognitive abilities (making you worse at your job and in other areas of life). That’s not all, though, as the “brain drain” from a toxic job extends to worsening the feelings of anxiety and depression you may have, along with absolutely destroying your feelings of self-worth, confidence, and ability to maintain relationships with other people.

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