BarxBuddy Tips: What Can You Do When Your Dog Doesn’t Like Being Brushed?

Every dog owner knows how different each dog’s personality can be. While they’re all loveable, they’re also just like humans.

Some dogs are lazy, cuddly, and can handle just about anything, while others may be more particular. Most dogs have at least a quirk or two, which can be a little difficult to deal with.

Have you ever tried to take a struggling dog to the vet? Situations like that can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to average upkeep.

Take brushing, for example. Regular brushing is important for health and shedding, to make sure your home is clean to dog fur and dust bunnies rolling around like tumbleweeds.

So, what can you do when your dog doesn’t like being brushed? BarxBuddy, an ultrasonic at-home training device for your dog, has a few tips that can help you out.

Prepare your dog in advance

BarxBuddy recommends before reaching for your hairbrush, make sure both you and your dog are ready for brushing. Get all of your supplies ready, and arrange a clear and comfortable area for your dog to stand or rest on while they’re being brushed.

Also have treats on hand, and any training tools, such as the BarxBuddy dog training device.

Get into a comfortable position

You can brush your dog anywhere you’re comfortable, but know that there could be a lot of hair flying around. Brushing your dog outside in nice weather is an option, or somewhere you can easily sweep or vacuum up the hair.

Get into a comfortable position. If you dog is smaller, they can rest on your lap, or comfortably on the floor. 

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Posted by BarxBuddy on Sunday, 26 January 2020

Take advantage of training tools

When your dog doesn’t like being brushed, it can be nearly impossible to get brushing done. Dogs with anxiety around brushing will be unruly, nervous, and may even nip or run off.

Using training tools during brushing can give you a huge advantage, and help you train your dog to behave while being brushed. BarxBuddy says their ultrasonic dog training device is perfect for times like these.

If your dog is misbehaving while being brushed, you can press the button on your BarxBuddy to emit the ultrasonic tone, which humans can’t hear, and is harmless to dogs. When your dog hears this noise, they should stop in their tracks, and become attentive. When you have your dog sitting calmly during brushing, you can use treats to give them positive reinforcement.

Use positive reinforcement

Like we just said, positive reinforcement can be a huge advantage while brushing your dog. Make sure you keep their favorite treats on hand, or one of their favorite toys, and you can give them a good head scratch or lots of praise.

Keep in mind consistency and frequency

BarxBuddy recommends to maximize the effectiveness of training, make sure you’re training your dog consistently and frequently. This may mean brushing your dog more often with the help of BarxBuddy, just to get them used to the behavior. Using consistent training techniques will help your dog grasp the point of your training as quickly as possible, and give you the best chance for success.

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