Hacks Executive & Entrepreneur Joe Jedlowski Uses To Stay Motivated & Inspired

Executive and Entrepreneur Joe Jedlowski

It can be very hard to stay motivated in our modern work world. Whether you’re working from home, for yourself, or in an office for someone else. It can be challenging to stay motivated at the bottom of the ladder when you don’t see your career taking off how you may expect, and it can even be difficult at the top, wondering where to go after you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. 

Joe Jedlowski has seen every ring of the ladder and has owned multiple businesses. He has years of experience as a CEO, which means he has had to face motivation issues and power through them. 

I don’t think there’s anyone with more knowledge on staying motivated than Joe Jedlowski, which is why I asked him for some motivation tips. Here’s what he had to say. 

Lists & Organization

One of Joe Jedlowski’s favorite techniques for staying organized and motivated is creating lists. It’s easy to find yourself lacking direction and not knowing what to do next, and that’s when motivation can take a hit. 

By creating lists, you will always have direction. Every single day, you can look at your list and check what you need to do that day. Now, whether you have the motivation or not, you know exactly what you should do. 

Set Short/Mid/Long Term Goals

Think of the lists Joe Jedlowski mentioned previously as your short-term goals. Now, think about your long-term goals and the milestones you need to hit to reach those. 

Once again, Joe Jedlowski suggests making a list of these goals. This list can be your road map, and whenever you’re feeling a little demotivated, you can look at your lists and see exactly what you’re working for. 

Review your Goals

Joe Jedlowski highly recommends periodically looking at your lists and goals and ensuring that they still align with your heart. You don’t want to spend weeks, months, or years working towards something you no longer want.

People always change, and your goals will almost certainly vary from the time you write them to when you’re working for them. Always look back at your goals, and make sure they’re still your goals. If not, change them, and reevaluate your roadmap and milestones to ensure you can accomplish your new goals. 

Surround yourself with motivated people


Joe Jedlowski and many other very accomplished professionals believe that routine beats out motivation 100% of the time. Motivation will get you started, but routine will force you to stick with it. 

Set a routine for yourself that will help you accomplish your goals, and never break from that routine. If your goal is to learn something, set a routine to study for one hour every single day at a specific time. 

Never ever make an excuse not to study. After a month or two, that study time will be second nature, and motivation won’t even be a factor in your success. 

Your friends play a significant role in your success

Motivational Company

Who you surround yourself with will determine how your life turns out. Joe Jedlowski told a story about how he noticed that his motivation shot through the roof once he started befriending motivated people. 

Whether they inspire you or create a feeling of healthy competition, having motivated friends and peers is a great way to increase your own motivation.

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