Project Adventure’s Dynamic Series

Project Adventure by David Konrad is surely a must-read if you’re looking for a great mystery children’s book that is rich with a great storyline and breathtaking adventures. The box set includes 4 books from the popular children’s series, and each book revolves around a different mystery case to solve.

Aside from its gripping plot that will get you excited to find out the answers from each case, another thing that will make you immerse on to the whole series are the main characters themselves: Ethan, Matt, and Lisa—the founders of Project Adventure. Each of them has fascinating personalities, and different takes on handling things respectively. Despite their differences, the three of them combined make up a really good and effective team that gets the job done.

In some way, this dynamic trio also reminds me of another trio Harry, Ron, and Hermione from the Harry Potter series who also got close to each other through their adventures. Now let’s dive deeper into the character profiles, and how they all fit up to be a perfect trio for Project Adventure.

Ethan, Matt, and Lisa

The first character on our trio is Ethan Gilmour, a 12-year old that has a very bright and energetic personality. He is described to be as ‘The Doer’ that is up for adventure and is always ready for action. What I love about Ethan’s character is that he is capable of standing up not just for himself, but especially when it’s his friends and family that is at stake. His courage to let go of his fears, completely face the things that he is scared of is admirable as well.

Matt Sharkey is Ethan’s best friend and is ‘The Thinker’ between the three of them. Matt is the type of guy who is calm and doesn’t talk that much, but deep inside is full of curiosity and is knowledgeable of a lot of things. He prefers to observe and look at things holistically before making an action.

Lastly, the third member of Project Adventure is Lisa Moser. Lisa is a smart and kind girl who doesn’t have that have many friends because she prefers animals as friends over humans. But ever since she met Ethan and Matt, she easily got along with them. Lisa is described as ‘The Strategist’ of the agency due to her capability to understand complicated situations and systematically plan things.

The dynamic trio

Regardless of their differences, all three of them compliments each other’s personalities. Ethan’s enthusiasm about their craft combined with Matt’s insightful concepts and ideas, as well as Lisa’s strategic thinking sums up an efficient team. Their bond and the friendship among each other strengthen with each challenge they face. Even under immense pressure from all the trials, the three of them stood by each other’s side along the way. It is also worth mentioning how their passion for helping other people and curiosity to find answers is what drives the whole Project Adventure to be a success.

Overall, Project Adventure is a fun and fast-paced mystery series that kids will surely enjoy!

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