Equitable Marketing Shares Digital Marketing Predictions For 2022

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2022

Digital marketing evolves every single year. New social media platforms emerge, businesses switch up which social media platforms they’re targeting, and innovative agencies and entrepreneurs create new strategies. 

At the start of 2022, the question is, which strategies will be prevalent this year. Will influencer marketing fall out of favor, will it become more popular, and which platforms will be utilized the most? 

All of these questions were on our minds when we contacted Equitable Marketing. Equitable Marketing is an industry-leading digital marketing agency that works with Google, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter. 

We interviewed Equitable Marketing to figure out which digital marketing strategies will prevail in 2022, and here’s what they said. 

So, will social media be as prevalent in 2022 as it has been? For businesses and individuals.

Equitable Marketing: Unless some kind of social revolution happens, we do not think social media is going anywhere. It’s almost like driving. 

Not everyone does it, but most people participate in some form of social media. Even those that value privacy can use forums like Reddit or more anonymous services like Discord. 

So, we do not see social media dying. And where there are people, there is the advertising of some kind. So it will be just as prevalent in 2022 as it has been for the last decade. 

Which platforms do you think are underutilized that will be used more in 2022?

Equitable Marketing: We think that Discord is an excellent example of an underutilized platform. Discord has so many users, and it covers all demographics. 

Many influencers have created their own communities and servers on Discord, but we don’t see a lot of businesses using this strategy. We expect that to change very soon, and it will be interesting to see whether Discord encourages it.

So beyond social media, influencer marketing has been widespread. Will that strategy continue to be utilized?

Equitable marketing: Oh, absolutely. Our prediction for influencer marketing is that it will become more systematic. Right now, it is the wild west. 

To contact an influencer, you message them, ask their rates, and work out things via DMs. It won’t be long before there are influencer agencies, unions, and stuff like that. So 2022 is probably the best time to start building connections and networks. 

It is also probably one of the last years influencer campaigns will be as cheap as they are now. 

Do you think current strategies are going to work throughout 2022? 

Equitable marketing: The more a particular strategy is used, the more customers notice the strategy, and the less they trust it. So some strategies are going to stop working, I’m sure. 

They always do. But something will replace them. However, influencer marketing and conversion optimization aren’t one of those strategies. You’ll hear us praising that a lot. 

So then, how should companies grab that organic growth that they’ve been seeking all these years?

Equitable marketing: Businesses focus greatly on SEO marketing; the thing is, organic growth is not nearly as significant of a factor as it has been in the past. Organic growth is a lot more challenging to maintain than it used to be. 

This is the era of paid ads. Pay per click, things like that. They are more expensive, of course, but they work much better nowadays. 2022 will probably only exasperate this truth. 

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