Why a Hawaii Vacation Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

I’m a recent college graduate and one of the first things I did when I finished school was travel as much as possible. Yeah, I know what you are probably thinking: “These Millennials and their lack of responsibility. They just want to travel and never grow up.”

Well, yes and no.

Let me explain.

I grew up in a middle class family, with two working
parents. They did the 9-to-5 and worked so hard; for someone else. I just never
wanted to fall into that trap. I knew from an early age that I wanted to do
something with my life that allowed me the freedom to do what I want and on my
own time. To travel the world, while being happy.

Life is short and I set out to enjoy as much of it as
possible, rather than sitting in an office all week.

I have always loved to write. So, long story short, I
figured out a way to earn a living as a freelance journalist. This allows me to
travel and work from anywhere, as long as I have an internet connection. I love

One of the first places I traveled to was Hawaii, and it completely
changed my life. To me it was an exotic destination, but it opened my eyes to a
lot. It’s a destination that I think everyone should experience, and here is

You Can Completely
Disconnect from Technology

Technology is what enables me to live the life I do, but
that doesn’t mean it’s good for you 24/7. As a society we are glued to our
mobile and tablet devices every waking minute of the day.

It’s the first thing we do when we wake up and it’s often the last thing we do before we fall asleep. This is not healthy at all. Anytime you can disconnect from technology and spend some alone time with yourself or spend time with friends or family should take taken advantage of.

The thing I love most about Hawaii is the time difference.
While you are still in the U.S., you almost feel like you are in a completely different
world. I reside on the East Coast (EST time zone) so when I am in Hawaii I can
wake up early, do a couple hours of work as the sun comes up and then by the
time I am done the East coast is wrapping their work day.

This allows me to leave the phone and laptop in my resort room
and go explore or relax on the back without any technology buzzing or beeping,
pulling me away from the experience.

amazing Hawaii coast

The Culture is Pure and

I fell in love with Hawaiian culture the minute I stepped off the plane. The locals are very proud of their island and they take great pride in how clean and pure it is.

The beaches are immaculate, the mountains and parks are
perfect, and the food is amazing. You feel like you are in paradise; because,
well, you are. There is no place in the U.S. that tops Hawaii in terms of its

When you walk down the street in New York City there is
trash everywhere, graffiti on the walls, etc. Hawaii is just such a different
experience. Just being exposed to that culture removes stress and allows you to
relax. It’s magical.

You Can Fully Relax and
Remove All Toxic Elements from Your Life

There is something to be said about laying on the beach in
Hawaii and going for a swim in the ocean. The water is crystal clear, the sands
are white are soft. The element will make you forget about anything that is
causing you stress or bringing negativity into your life.

We all have some kind of toxin present. Whether it’s a bad
relationship, a job we hate, or something else that isn’t ideal. Getting away
to somewhere like Hawaii gives you the ability to relax and for that moment,
push away everything toxic.

You will see once you experience it for yourself. Hawaii is
a truly magical place.

It Fuels Your Desire to
See and Experience More of the World

Hawaii was the first “exotic” place I traveled to after
school. What it did was open my eyes and fuel my desire to see more incredible
places. Whether it’s Bora Bora, the Maldives or some island in the Philippines,
there are endless amazing places.

Seeing them and experiencing each one motivates me to excel
in my career as well. Without it, none of this would be possible. So, I highly
recommend you plan a trip to Hawaii as soon as possible. I promise it will
change your life and your way of thinking. Mahalo.

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