Pro Tips: How Roger Scott (WealthPress) Teaches Investing In A Dynamic Market

roger scott

The world of investment can pose a great deal of challenges to newbies. They are faced with different confusing situations of how, when and where to invest.  

Even those who have gathered experience over the years still face similar problems. This is because the financial market is laden with uncertainties and what operates in reality may not necessarily conform to the laid down principles that guide investments. 

There is therefore a need for investors to be flexible enough and easily adapt to market demands and maximize opportunities without necessarily following the stringent laid down formulae. This can be frustrating if you are a mentor to these investors and it is due to the dynamic nature of the market.

Most times, teaching and having your tutees implement lessons learnt on the go can be quite challenging. Many people have come up with various suggestions but it is difficult to know which teaching method is effective.

Notwithstanding, over time and with consistent practice, evaluation and adjustments, Roger Scott, the Chief Trading Strategist at WealthPress, has been able to come up with useful ways on how to teach investing in an ever-evolving financial market.

He has used these procedures at WealthPress to improve his team from time to time and after analysis of the feedbacks received, they have proven to be effective.

  • Use of Videos. Roger Scott starts off the day with a 15minutes video which he records two hours before the opening bell to give students ample time of perusal. These videos are absolutely free and can be accessed on his YouTube channel.

    They give a full outlook and insight into the market potentials for the day. There are different themes for each day and the major focus is to highlight the profit targets and sectors to watch out for.

    He also provides an additional video or more in the course of the day on specific areas like raving stocks or industry.

  • Live Session with Students. Roger Scott spends at least one hour each day with his students where he gets to interact with them. This should not be mistaken for live trading.

  • Availability of Variety of Programs. He offers series of programs ranging from very cheap ones to more expensive ones which can run over a monthly or yearly period. Such programs are well packaged to meet the demands of investors.

    They are affordable and flexible enough to cater for the needs of both new and experienced investors.

  • Accessibility and approachability. He is very accessible and approachable. Students can reach out to him via emails and other interactive means and ask questions on areas that are confusing.
  • Swing Trading. One area in which Roger Scott specializes over at WealthPress is swing trading. This is taking advantage of short term market or price swings in stocks.

    Emphasis is placed on short-term fluctuations because it is a lot easier to gauge an edge if you are looking at the short-term versus the long term. This way, student can learn in a very short while without having to wait for a long time.

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