Yup, Being a Professional Video Game Player is Now a Real Thing

If you read this blog’s headline 10 years ago you would have laughed. Today, the only people laughing are the players making millions of dollars playing the most popular games like Fortnite, Modern Warfare, Minecraft, and Madden.

It’s a real things these days. They are modern day celebrities to kids and young adults all over the world and some of them are raking in the money at a rapid rate.

How much could you possible make playing video games? Millions of dollars. Sit back and digest that for a minute. There are people playing video games and making as much money as the top movie stars and athletes.

Hey mom, why did you insist I played outside rather than say inside and play video games? I blame you for my failure in life. All kidding aside, I think it’s remarkable how this industry is growing in popularity.

Wild Yet True

What if I told you that some of the top players can make more money in a single hour playing video games than some people make in an entire year of working a backbreaking job. Would you think I was smoking something funny?

One of the top personalities is “Ninja” and some companies pay him upwards of $50,000 per hour to stream. That is a mind blowing figure when you take a second to let that digest and sink in.

The Playing “Field” is Level

Did you see what I did there with
that title? The field? You know, because this is not a stick and ball spot? Ok,
comedy hour is over…

Professional gamers can come in all shapes, sizes, health conditions, and athletic abilities. There is nothing other than skills playing the game that come into play. Sure, personality translates into subscribers and fans, which is what is attractive from a company sponsorship perspective. But anyone can “make it” if they are good behind the controller.

Players Gain Fans Easily by
Vlogging and Streaming

There is such a large audience on Twitch and YouTube just looking for live video game streaming. Twitch’s numbers are impressive: 2.2 million users, 15 million daily viewers, and 140 million monthly users.

This is making it prime time to get these viewers addicted to creators and streamers. This is why personalities like Ninja are doing so well. They stand out, have a unique persona and people like following their every move, while streaming video games as well is in live through social media.

vlogging and streaming to video game fans

Sponsors are Coming Running

Sponsors love it because the fans are loyal and give these eSports personalities their full attention. Why is that? I think it’s because they can all relate to them. The fans all play video games themselves so they are able to connect.

If you are watching a NBA basketball game sure it’s impressive but how many people watching can relate to dunking a 10 foot hoop? Nobody. If they could do it they would be playing and not sitting and watching.

From major brands like Red Bull and Monster Energy inking players to endorsement deals to Minecraft server companies sponsoring players and tournaments, gaming has become a big business.

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