Small Businesses Continue to Thrive (Don’t Listen to the Media)

The media is full of stories about small businesses failing and losing out to the big bad mega retail giants and super stores, both online and physical locations. Yes, it is harder for a small business to compete these days, but it’s always been like that and most stories will fail to mention that.

Even before the internet was even invented it was difficult. The survival rate of small businesses has always been low. The internet sure hasn’t made it any easier by any means, but there is still plenty of opportunity for small businesses to do well.

It just takes determination, a winning product or service, and a plan. None of that has changed.

The American Dream is Alive and

The American dream is alive and well, and just like 50 years ago, someone with an idea and a never say die attitude can make anything happen. I think it’s irresponsible that the media is trying to paint the picture that all small businesses are dying off.

They are focusing on this agenda because it gets clicks and gets people talking and sharing their articles. They are designed to create controversy, not educate.

If an article says Amazon is putting small businesses out of business they know there are going to be two divided sides. Some that run to Amazon’s defense and others that side with the small business owner.

Chaos converts into page views and ad revenue. Don’t expect it to change anytime soon. Once respected news and media websites are now turning into TMZ style gossip rags that will publish anything to get clicks. it doesn’t matter if the information is correct or not.

The Internet Takes but Also Gives

Ok, if a small business sold home appliances like blenders and microwaves, then yes, they are probably not going to compete with Amazon and other large online stores.

Prices will be lowers and items will be delivered right to their front door. The small businesses that die off are the ones that don’t adapt. Things always change. You have to be willing to roll with the times and adjust and pivot. This is the same for any business and not just ones with direct online competition.

There are so many ways a SMB owner can use the internet to grow. From the different direct advertising options like pay per click ads on the search engines to social media ads and email marketing software. Creative businesses will always rise to the top. Those that fail are lazy and just blame the internet because it’s easier than taking responsibility.

The Ones Winning are Putting
Customer Experience First

Customer experience is everything and that is one of the biggest factors that contribute to success for companies like Amazon. They give the customers what they want. Lowest possible prices. Lightning fast delivery. Case closed.

If you want to keep your customers happy, give them a great experience they won’t forget. Make it so great that they also tell everyone about it.

small business owners are doing well

It’s all about providing the best service, whether you are providing an entertainment experience on-site or you are finding new HVAC customers for a mom and pop operation. The customer experience has to be well laid out.

Try several different things until you find something that works well for your business. You have to always be trying new things. If you remain flat and stale your customers have no incentive to continue doing business with you.

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