Why is the younger generation leaning towards online schooling?

Today’s peculiar circumstances surrounding Covid-19 display a perfect picture for the changes occurring almost daily that are driving the youth and younger generations to view life in a more unconventional manner. Times aren’t the same as they once were 5 years ago, let alone a decade ago.

The conventional lifestyles experienced and endured by so many to come before them are becoming less and less obligatory for those being raised up in a computer and virtual based world. Many of the youth of today have never balanced a check book or have found the need to learn to do so. The ability to drive a manual transmission car is a dying art, and public libraries are being frequented less and less because of the convenience of E-books and online sources full of textbooks and sources that can be found with ease at the convenience of your home.

The world is moving in a path to create an atmosphere full of convenient shopping, trading, entertainment, and learning. WGU.edu is an online school created for the purpose of providing excellent secondary education at lower costs with heightened comfort and convenience for those looking to excel in their given field.

They offer a number of masters and bachelors degrees to their students at a competitive level; the only difference is that instead of having to attend a university and show up to class on campus, the classes are arranged to better fit your schedule and time, all while you study in the safety and security of your own home.

Because of the convenience and still amplified learning provided by this site, the youth are being drawn more and more to strive after their goals in a way that may seem odd to those not familiar with this new teaching method. It’s online, and it’s convenient, but the quality is all the same.

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