The Legacy Book Series: Transforming Tragedy into A Story of Triumph

A Story of Hope Making Millions of Impressions Around the World.

How often have you come across a story that stayed with you long after you have read the book? Brandy’s story in The Legacy Series is not only riveting but also quite startling from the get-go. The book makes you feel that you are furtively eavesdropping into a private chat between Brandy and his online friends. It draws you into the dark secrets of a young boy as he fights cancer, is being molested, physically, and emotionally abused by his parents. The intricate storyline will make you reflect on your own life.

A World Mainly for the Outcasts

Remember the 90’s, the early days of dial-up internet, when the World Wide Web (www) was still finding ways to be used as ambiguously as it is today. Very few had taken to using chat rooms and messaging boards to connect with users near and far. It’s where most teens found a safe space, away from adult’s supervision. They could be themselves, share their feelings, and deepest secrets with the online friends they trusted. As the author, Brandyn Cross says in one of his interviews, it was a world mainly for the outcasts.

Failing to find any respite in his real life, Brandy takes to the internet to escape his pains and sufferings. He makes friends with the other outcast teens and realizes how most of them are going through struggles of their own as they start chatting over time. The Legacy Series is derived from printouts of his chats Brandyn obtained from Brandy’s room long after he had passed away.

The Legacy Series Book One by Brandyn Cross

After reading through the pages containing profound insights into the mind of an abused child, Brandyn realized how life-changing these could be for so many people. Brandyn then based this series of 27 books on those real events, marginally fictionalizing the boys’ stories in one cohesive narrative. He believes countless people around the globe will relate to situations from their own lives.

A Rare Glimpse into the Thoughts of A Child

As the story progresses, it reveals so much about how caring, generous, and tender-hearted Brandy is. He remains optimistic and cheerful even through his sufferings. Among them, are a series of twists and unexpected issues that will get you involved in the world of this incredible group of young friends. No matter where you are in the series, there are always some ongoing challenges in their lives that you can’t wait to see resolved.

As adults, if you are desperate to know what’s going on in your children’s minds or looking for anything that might help you understand the darker influences of your childhoods, you must get The Legacy Series. It’s a rare glimpse into the thoughts of a child.

The Legacy Series Book Two by Brandyn Cross

As for kids, the book series puts their deep-seated doubts about private thoughts in their little minds to rest. They don’t feel alone anymore. The books show them how they could be sharing those feelings universally with every other kid across the globe.

The Legacy Series brings both children and adults together, no matter your age, and helps them make peace with their pasts. Don’t miss the story of hope and inspiration, making millions of impressions around the world. Get your copy today.

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