Thriving Over Adversity- Curiosity as a Path to Healing

Life is a journey of asking questions. That’s how people learn. But did you know that curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness? Yes. Curiosity can bring you a kind of “fun” and “enchantment” to an otherwise bleak, painful, and seemingly hopeless period in life. 

For Courtenay Turner, curiosity and an inquisitive mind kept her inspired. Her active desire to learn, discover new things, understand them, take them apart, and dive deeper into them made her feel alive. 

Courtenay’s Early Life

Tracing back to Courtenay’s early life, she was diagnosed with congenital rubella at birth. This condition was unfortunate as it brought her many health issues and complications. Those conditions included unilateral blindness, heart complications, bilateral hearing impairment, hypotonia, fine and graphic motor impairment, stunted growth, and asymmetrical bone development. The prognosis for her life was dismal. 

It was apparent to many that Courtenay would never walk, talk, or even exhibit body movements. However, to her, all was not lost. She thought that nothing was impossible and could still overcome her challenges. 

Curiosity for Movement Practices

Courtenay’s parents were very optimistic that if their daughter started doing movement practices, she could go a long way in bettering herself. So Courtenay started doing movement practices early in her life. You could find her dancing in her mother’s arms, playing in a wet sandbox, and getting into gymnastics as a toddler. 

These pursuits continued fast-tracking Courtenay’s love of movement into her teen and adult years. Guess what? These activities and experiences laid a firm foundation for her acrobatic and strength training. These things would later persist into her teen and adult years. 

No Human Is Limited

Courtenay’s pursuit of physical endeavors is what has inspired fellow athletes, friends, social media followers, parents, and her community. Despite her parents being told that the best they could do was find their daughter a ‘nice’ institution, Courtenay continued with her inquisitive mindset and love for creative expression. 

Often, you could find her exploring ways the human psyche could rely on movement for self-expression and healing. And after cracking the puzzle, Courtenay disrupted the world. Today, you will find her on worldwide stages speaking about the power of movement to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She is a testament to the successful application of movement to an extensive range of physical, emotional, and cognitive difficulties. 

Why is Curiosity Important?

Curiosity has been linked with emotional, psychological, social, and even health benefits for adults and children. It helps you remain vigilant and gain knowledge about their constantly changing environment. 

Research has also shown that curiosity is associated with higher levels of positive emotions, more life satisfaction, lower levels of anxiety, and greater psychological well-being. It also expands our empathy and boosts our achievements. Additionally, it improves healthcare and strengthens relationships. People are warmer and more attractive when they show genuine curiosity. 

Therefore, curiosity can play a significant role in helping you overcome your challenges in all areas of your life. 

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