SnoodleMobile: A Glimpse of What’s to Come

“It is obvious that anything a scientist discovers or invents is based on previous discoveries and inventions. The same applies to the arts.” – Lukas Foss.

Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles’ is the recently release children’s book by Steven Joseph. The children’s book is set in a somewhat near-future setting and follows a society in which cars are now run by noodles. The vehicles were once powered and dominated by sauerkrauts—the KrautMobile. But due to its stinky smell that makes everybody extremely cranky, its popularity immediately died down. Great inventors worldwide tried to invent other cars that do not run on sauerkraut. There are many attempts, but most are fails except for SnoodleMobile. The SnoodleMobile created by Mr. Snoodleman became famous for its appetizing and happiness-inducing aroma. It became a huge success and brought tons of fortune for Mr. Snoodleman. The newest children’s tale by Steven Joseph is a feel-good book and rich in life lessons and representations.

The book’s overall premise revolves around the idea of an invention that immensely helped to increase the way of living—making life easier. It promotes the concept of utilizing one’s skills to produce something useful for the greater good of the majority. Each year, countless inventions are being showcased in the world. Some are good, and some need further modification. Apart from what the world knows now, there’s still more under further research and development left to be unleashed. This only proves the continuous strive of humanity to create something extraordinary. To put to live their most excellent ideas that were once just a spark of curiosity.

Steven Joseph himself mentioned that the whole book is a subtle representation of the COVID-19 pandemic. People who have used the KrautMobile before always wear masks and are extremely cranky due to its foul smell. It can be associated with today’s situation where people wear masks to avoid getting infected. The appearance of the new invention SnoodleMobile is a miracle that everyone appreciated. The people enjoyed its aroma, which stopped them from wearing masks when using it. This can represent the society slowly coming back to normal again. Inventions will be made to restore what was once lost (vaccinations). We just need to utilize and recognize its importance.

This book is also a story that promotes clean energy without ever mentioning it straight up. Commonly, cars are powered by oils and fuels, but vehicles can run on noodles in the book. It is not to be taken literally but as a metaphor that suggests using alternative items to replace what is the usual. An eco-friendly, energy-conserving alternative that doesn’t contribute to the world’s pollution.

Indeed, today’s world has gone a long way already, and the method of living now has improved from before, but there’s still room for more advancements. It’s exciting to think about the future, but we can already see some small glimpses of what’s to come. Grab your copy on Amazon now.

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