Jurgen Cautreels Predicts Where NFTs Could Go In 2022

Jurgen Cautreels 2022 NFT predictions

Jurgen Cautreels is a prominent investor in NFTs. He believes that you may not want to consider NFTs as an investment depending on your budget. OpenSea (the most popular NFT marketplace) presently has 4 million assets and additional marketplaces such as Foundation, Rarible, NBA Top Shot, etc. 

In the vast and ever-expanding NFT ecosystem, it’s safe to say that not all assets will appreciate. Still, some will, and predicting this can differentiate between losing and making a profit. 

We spoke to Jurgen Cautreels, an investor and NFT pro. This was how it went.

Why are NFTs so expensive?

There are many reasons for this, and the first is scarcity. Economic principles apply to NFTs in the same way they do to any other market or product. 

While limiting the supply of your product to a minimum, your pricing will skyrocket. Your project must have a demand, a call, or an asking price to succeed. 

Everything else regarding growth in the price of NFTs will always follow this fundamental guideline.

Rarity is another essential element. The value of an NFT is determined by how rare it is. The greater the demand for your NFT, the more valuable it will be. It’s just like the expensive paintings we see at auctions. 

How can people make money via NFT?

They can either hold or sell them. Both have benefits and drawbacks.

If they want to sell them fast, they should buy them just before they’re launched or minted to obtain them at a lower price and sell them higher.

Holding them for a long time is like investing. For this one, you must thoroughly examine the NFT project and determine whether owning them long-term is preferable to selling them at a greater price.

Why is everyone investing in NFT?

NFTs are a new concept in crypto, and they are typically considered securities. While traditional securities are heavily centralized and regulated, NFTs promote a “decentralized” manner of investing.

Artisans and content providers can monetize their works without relying on galleries or auctions. Artists no longer need to use intermediaries to sell their work. Instead, they can sell them as NFTs straight to consumers and get paid in full.

Why do some people hate NFTs?

Because of the lack of security in many NFT marketplaces and that few individuals are aware of NFT, I’d say that NFT is a viable option.

If you’re a collector of NFT art, you can store your artwork on the token itself rather than on a hash. This is an excellent option for both artists and collectors of NFT art.

What do you think about NFTs in the future?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will undoubtedly become a part of our everyday life as we consume content and interact with apps like digital photographs, games, movies, music, and possibly other domains like real estate.

In my opinion, you should focus more on NFTs in the future. Many individuals believe that we will no longer use boarding passes to board planes instead of using NFTs. 

During my study on future NFT projects and NFT market trends, I came across some companies that use NFTs. Meteora is one of them. They intend to apply the idea of selling your music master and ownership contract as a typical NF.

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