Save Money & Prized Possessions By Installing the Best Anti-Snap Locks

Gone are the days when burglars had to do extensive planning and figure out how to get into your home. Now, they can take something as simple as a screwdriver and a hammer and just “snap” your lock in half and get into your home! The terrifying part is that these tools are easily available everywhere and lock snapping doesn’t even require any skill, so almost any burglar can try it out and get in! 

You might think that your lock can’t be messed with, but unless it’s an anti-snap lock, it’s going to be vulnerable to an attack. The good news is that you’re not stuck with the lock your door came with, you can easily get one that’s stronger!

Anti-Snap Locks – How are they different from regular locks?

Most homes all across the world have euro cylinder locks installed in the doors. These are usually very cheap and for the most part, they function fine. They do lock your door and get the job done, but if someone were to try to snap the lock, it would break in half very easily! This allows for the intruder to gain access to the home fairly quickly and get out before anyone notices. That is something you don’t want. This is where anti-snap locks come in!

Unlike a regular euro cylinder lock, anti-snap locks are made using a much stronger cylinder. They go through rigorous testing to make sure that no amount of force is able to snap the lock in half. If the lock is subjected to significant force, it will break one third of the way, leaving the lock mechanism in place so the door remains locked.

Anti lock stamps don’t just make it to packaging right after they’re made. They have to pass all stages of testing and have to get the stamp of approval before it can be packaged. The testing makes sure that even if your home does get attacked, the intruder will be a lot less likely to make it through your front door!

These locks have the Sold Secure ( SS312 ) Diamond Standard Approval. Which means they all have some version of a 3-Star Kitemark Logo stamped on the front and back, making them easier to spot. This means that the lock has passed the lock snapping test.

It’s generally recommended that all the doors in your home have anti-snap locks. If you have prized possessions in your home, but don’t want to get every single lock in your home changed all at once, You should at least make sure that all the entry points to the house are secure.  Keeping the intruder out will ensure that your things remain safe inside. However, for the safety of your possessions and yourself, it is better to have all the locks in the house be anti-snap. Sometimes intruders can still get in if someone makes the mistake of leaving the door unlocked, having strong locks inside the home will give you a place to be safe while the police arrive in the worst case scenario.  

Which type of doors can you put an anti snap lock in?

The great thing about anti-snap locks is that they come in a variety of different sizes! You can have an anti snap lock installed in almost every door! However, it is very important that the one you pick fits perfectly in the door to ensure it does the job properly. If you have trouble figuring out the right size call locksmith in Chicago, or the recommended locksmith in your area to have them professionally install the lock for you!

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