Customer Value Management: According to Steve Jobs

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Opinions abound on the topic of customer value management, but if there’s one name that you’d definitely pay attention to, it’s Steve Jobs. The late Apple CEO and business pioneer had many insights when it came to marketing and interacting with customers, and many still ring true even years after his untimely death. Read on, and check out some of the insights that Jobs had passed along during his storied career.

The Product/Service Has to Be Quality

Jobs once said that it was innovation that could distinguish a leader from a follower, and that holds true when it comes to the products and services offered by you and your competitors. In order to stand away from the pack and be viewed as a leader, you’ve got to make sure that all of your offerings are of the highest quality.

Value Goes Beyond the Product/Service Itself

Sure, you’re selling something material, or your team’s time in a way that will help your clients. To add value, however, you need to go beyond. It’s not just about the product or service that you offer, it’s also about the intangibles that your product or service represents. 

That includes the experience, the vision, the sorts of things that change individuals’ lives and make them feel a sense of belonging. It’s tough to accomplish, but achieving this, at least on some level, will go a long way to making your brand stand out.

Cultivating Perception Matters

With a quality product/service and a knowledge of the intangibles that will help sell your offerings, you can start to control the perceived value of your brand. When people know that your brand is synonymous with quality and feel like there’s value in what you do beyond the products and services themselves, they’re much more comfortable paying a premium to acquire whatever it is you’re offering. This is almost always going to help your bottom line.

Your Customers Are Often Your Best Marketing

Really want to make the most out of customer interactions? Give clients a great product/service and make them feel like part of the group. Once your customers are on your “team,” they’ll be ready to market your product for you in subtle ways. They’ll make recommendations to friends, they’ll extoll the virtues of your brand online, and they’ll help you bring in more leads that you can turn into more long term business.

Keep These Pointers in Mind

When you’re contemplating customer value management strategies, remember these tips. They’ll give you an edge when it comes to turning what were originally one-off customers into true diehards for your brand, and help you optimize revenues down the lone.

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