What Are the Benefits of Electronic Door Lock for Your Home?

In the past few years, there’s been a major shift. Almost everything that needed keys, like cars and safes, has slowly moved towards keyless versions instead. Keys have always been a hassle to carry around. If you lose them, you can say goodbye to your entire day trying to get back in! When things become an inconvenience, they get replaced by a version that’s convenient instead. One of the things that has made the switch, has been locked! People all over the world have been swapping out their traditional key locks, with electronic ones instead, and they haven’t just done it because the locks look cooler, there are a lot of benefits of having electronic locks installed on your doors!

10 Benefits of Having an Electronic Door Lock for Your Home

If you’re on the fence about making the switch to electronic door locks but don’t know if they’ll be worth the switch, here are 10 benefits they have over traditional locks!

  1. No need to carry a key

Keeping track of house keys is one of the most annoying things to have to remember and electronic doors have made them redundant! All you have to do is remember your code, or use your fingerprint to get it!

  1. The Security

    With traditional locks, you’ll likely have to keep spare keys around the property. Often they’re pretty easy to find and burglars can use them to get into your home! With electronic doors, no one has to carry a key, so there won’t be any for potential burglars to find! Keeping your home more secure!
  1. Ease of access

    Electronic doors give you extra security and convenience without making the use harder. There are no complicated steps you need to keep in mind! Once they’ve been installed in your doors, they’re super easy to use, even if you’re not a tech nerd!
  1. Remotely let people in

    Ever had guests show up to the house when you were still 30 minutes away? It can be pretty nerve-wracking to try to make it back quickly to let them in. With an electronic lock, you have the ability to unlock the door remotely for them! 

  1. Say goodbye to stolen packages

    If you’re someone who orders online a lot, chances are you’ve missed delivery or two. With porch pirates on the rise, more packages are being stolen as they wait for you to come home than ever! A great solution is to hook up an electronic lock to Amazon Key. This will allow the deliveryman to open your door and put the package inside! Where it’ll be safe and sound!
  1. Know who’s opening the doors

    Electronic locks also give you the option of keeping an eye on who’s opening the doors and when. You either get a notification every time a door opens or can choose to just view the door’s log whenever you want. Either way, the door will not open without you knowing!
  1. Unpickable

    Burglars have come up with lots of different tricks to open up traditional locks over the years. This has made even the strongest ones vulnerable! Electronic locks use technology that gets rid of the vulnerability, making them virtually unpickable!
  1. Great for rentals

    If you’re a homeowner that rents out your home, these would make for the perfect locks for your homes! Instead of having to switch out the locks every time you get a new tenant, simply reprogram them and you’re good to go! 
  1. No real upkeep

    Unlike regular locks that you might need to invest time into upkeep, these locks are built differently. You don’t need to oil them or anything at all! As long as the locks are fitted perfectly, which any recommended locksmith in Birmingham, or your local area, can do it for you! Just have them installed and forget about them, they’ll be just fine!
  1. Lock up at night without having to get up

    Is there anything worse than being all cosy in your bed, about to sleep, only to realise you forgot to lock the doors? With Electronic locks, you won’t need to get out of bed to lock them! Just use your phone to lock all the doors remotely and stay in bed! 

These aren’t the only benefits of electronic locks, but they are enough for most people to make the switch! Since they’re not exorbitantly priced either, there’s almost no reason not to get an electronic lock today!

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