The #1 To Go Real Estate Company In Dallas

According to the D Magazine, Chris D. Bentley is one of the best-sought Realtors in Dallas. He topped the 2021 list based on the services offered to customers and the closing of the business deals.

Chris is the owner and the Broker of Bentley Fine Properties, a real estate company based in Dallas. He has successfully helped many people stress-free purchase their commercial and residential properties. He demystifies the complex processes involved in home buying to give you a great experience.

What Services Does Chris D. Bentley Offer You?

  1. Consultation Services 

Have you been searching for a realtor who gives you a listening ear and offers precisely the services you require? Look no more. From Monday to Sunday, 7 AM to 11 PM, Bentley Fine Properties have opened its doors for you to seek consultation services on real estate matters. You can learn about the available apartments, their current prices, and the facilities fitted to make your life more comfortable. You also enjoy the benefit of being assigned a highly trained officer to take you to the apartment and offer you the opportunity to appraise the property. 

You will also learn about the available financing methods. Chris D. Bentley is not only an expert in real estate but also was a mortgage Broker before the financial collapse of 2008. Seeking consultation services from him would enable him to guide you on the most convenient mortgage you could use to purchase your commercial or residential property. 

  1. Commercial and Residential Property Buying, Selling, and Leasing Services.

There are many houses to meet your needs based on your income level. The currently available apartments range from $235,000 to $1,290,000. Chris D. Bentley has simplified the documentation process needed in purchasing, selling, or leasing to make it convenient for you to navigate. Once you present the specifications of your preferred property, the Bentley Fine Properties team conducts intensive research on the available housing units to establish one that perfectly suits you. 

Why Chris Is The Best Choice For You In The Real Estate market

In 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021, Chris was ranked by D Magazine as the Best Realtor in Dallas. The commendation was based on the company’s best customer service by simplifying its customers’ home buying, selling, and acquiring rental houses.

Besides, Chris was ranked #13 among 20 top Dallas realtors in social media integration to their services accessible by their customers. He has also been accredited as a certified luxury home marketing expert.


If you have suffered at the hands of inexperienced realtors who have complicated your homeownership process, consider Chris D. Bentley’s real estate expertise for all your luxury residential and commercial properties. This visionary realtor goes out of his way to have all your problems and questions solved through utmost professionalism. 

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