Reasons You Can’t Find a Job You Love

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a job you actually enjoyed going to do? 

Instead of worrying that you’re going to need to call a workplace harassment lawyer in San Francisco because the environment at work is so toxic, or wondering if you’ll have to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in San Bernardino because your conditions or so dangerous you could instead thrive in a stress-free workplace doing work that you truly cared about.

If you’re like most people, you’ve tried, but there’s still something holding you back from finding (or landing) that job of your dreams. 

It’s time for a bit of self-reflection, to turn your gaze inward and examine what forces in your life might still be holding you back. The following possibilities should get you thinking on the right track.

You Lack The Right Skills

In order to stand out to potential employers, particularly the competitive ones, you’ll need to show that your skills will make an impact to their organization. 

If you haven’t spent time developing the right skills that you can place on a resume and show on an interview, you’re putting yourself at a real disadvantage.

You Don’t Really Understand The Company

Are the supposed “dream jobs” you’re applying to really the right fit? If you haven’t asked yourself before, you owe it to yourself to ask now. 

You need to go beyond the job descriptions and find out more about the culture of the companies you’re trying to work with. 

Read up on their social media and other web presence, and question managers who work there, customers who have dealt with them, or even members of your professional network who are connected in some way.

You Aren’t Networking Properly

Speaking of that professional network, it’s of vital importance when you’re trying to secure a job you really want to do. If you know people, you’ll know about job openings that might not even be listed in the places you normally search. 

What’s more, having the right contacts and connecting with them in the right way will make them want to put in a good word for you down the line. With some luck, you might get a referral that will make you stand out from other applicants.

You’re Fumbling The Interview

While it’s possible that scoring repeated interviews but failing to get a call back could be a sign of just a bad fit between you and the places you’re applying to, it’s also possible that your interview skills are holding you back from getting hired.

Be sure to watch your attitude during interviews, prepare for those tricky questions, and treat the interviewer (as well as the entire interview process) with its due respect so that you give off the right impression.

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