Team up with Ching Goo and Friends in Fairy Knights: Tricks ‘n Trees the Newest Novel in a Fairy Knights Series by Dames Handsome!

Fairy Knights: Tricks and Trees is the fourth and newest novel of A Fairy Knights series by writer Dames Handsome and illustrated by Warwick Wilson. Fairy Knights novels are a series of fantasy children’s books for readers nine through eleven, though any age including adults could enjoy these stories!

Brand New Adventures Await the Fairy Knights Including Unexpected Characters

Hero Fairies and best friends Ching Goo, Oma Bell and Hamster Rick who all go to fairy school are back with new adventures in Fairy Knights: Tricks and Trees. Each chapter is a mini adventure of its own such as unexpectedly meeting and defeating hairy monsters at a festival, following the trail of a strange noise into the dark part of the forest, one that the hero fairies have never set foot in to find an orange, hairy bunny-eared monster.

Monsters Find True Love and Become Human Sized?!

A large part of Fairy Knights: Tricks and Trees is the quest of helping a monster named Prince Charming, ironically very not charming, change back to a human by finding true love. The trick is that Ching, Oma and Hamster Rick have only enough time before the last petal falls from a rose that Prince Charming has. The whole kingdom has been cursed and turned into houses and trees. Lovable characters are brought in at this point and a whole new adventure begins within the story itself. Fairy Knights: Tricks and 

 Warwick Wilson’s Illustrations Bring Alive Cute and Engaging Characters

Fairy Knights: Tricks and Trees also comes alive due to the illustrations by Warwick Wilson. As someone who loves art, illustration and design, Wilson’s illustrations for the book were fun and adorable. They made the storyline and characters pop and brought them more to life. 

If you haven’t already read Dames Handsome’s A Fairy Knights series, you can do so here.  

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