Eat Well, Save the Planet with “Escape the Meatrix”

Eat plants, feel great, and save the planet with Escape the Meatrix!

Escape the Meatrix, written by Stuart Waldner, is a nonfiction book about the environment, health, and wellbeing. This book includes personal experience and statistics backed by study and scientific proof. Stuart Waldner bravely exposes the Meatrix as to what it was—a conditioning tool that led people to believe that animal-based products were natural and essential. The book demonstrates how adopting a plant-based diet can benefit one’s health in a way supported by science and study. Additionally, it prevents the effects of climate change, which could cause more significant issues for future generations. Readers are encouraged by Stuart Waldner to question the status quo and resist following the growing trend of animal-based consumerism. 

Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change

Take the time to check your surroundings. Lately, have you been experiencing warmer temperatures? Is the weather more brutal to predict now compared to before? Is there any observation of rising sea levels? Are there droughts? Perhaps, stronger typhoons? If yes, you just hit the spot—those are the effects of climate change. What is climate change, and why is it important to discuss?

The UN defines climate change as long-term changes in temperature and weather patterns that are predominantly brought on by human activities, like the burning of fossil fuels. It alludes to the alterations in our world, such as glaciers melting and rising ocean levels. Over the years, extreme wildfires, floods, tornadoes, and other catastrophic events have been exacerbated by climate change, harming both human life and the economy. We might have seen the worst-case scenario yet, but it’s possible to happen if we don’t take action now regarding climate change.

Some people may not be aware but switching to a plant-based lifestyle can counter the effects of climate change. Some studies showed that transitioning to plant-based diets, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc., could lead to a significant amount of reduction in terms of greenhouse emissions, as compared to the current dietary practices now, which are primarily animal-based products. If people lean more toward plant-based consumption and reduce their consumption of animal-based foods, people can lessen the pressure on industries to utilize forests and natural habitats. Animal-based food products such as beef, prawns, lamb, goat, pork, chicken, and fish are among the top food products that emit the most greenhouse gas emissions. Most crops and wheat that could’ve been used to feed the growing population are used on animals that are processed into food. Crops could’ve provided much more people; instead, we feed them on animals and rely on their nutrients (even though it does more harm than good). Stuart Waldner has mentioned a lot more in his book, so if you’re interested, grab a copy now!

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