Creative Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Condo Space

Most condos in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina come furnished with basic carpentry, appliances and fittings. 

However, that does not mean that you cannot add to your home to make it best suited for your wants and needs. While floor plans from condo to condo do change with the unit, there are some great ways that you can personalize your condo space so you feel completely at home. 

Convert formal dining into a casual space 

For many couples who have made their first major investment with a condo, a dedicated dining area is simply unnecessary. So, instead of committing a lot of your square footage to a room you only use for formal occasions, use it as an added living area that can be converted into a dining room when needed. 

From there, you can simply store a larger table and use as needed when you are entertaining guests or having a dinner party. 

Turn an entire room into your walk-in closet 

Sure, this is just about the opposite of efficient, but if you don’t have much need for that third bedroom in your condo, why no indulge! If you care greatly about the clothes that you wear and take pride in your fashion sense, there is definite value to being able to display your expensive shoes, designer bags and more. 

Surround your kitchen with glass

This of course only works if your kitchen shares no more than one wall with other rooms, as you do not want to simply surround your kitchen in a box of class. Still, creating a sleek sliding wall of glass to separate your kitchen from your other living area is a great idea. Not only does it create a futuristic and simplistic feel, it can also help separate the smells of oils, onions, garlic and more from seeping into the rest of your house. 

Create an in-home office 

Stephen from breaks down the value of creating an in-home office:

“More and more people are either working entirely from home or are taking several days out of the week to work at home,” he says. “That being said, you can’t expect to enjoy prime production while sitting on your couch and working on your laptop. 

“For that reason, it is wise to turn a spare room into an office complete with a stylish desk, large monitor, and Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. To make the room as efficient as possible, consider installing a trundle bed that you can pull out if you have family or friends staying over for a long weekend.” 

Make your kitchen eat-in

If you want things to feel as warm and welcoming as possible, consider creating or expanding your kitchen’s island counter to create an eating area. This can be a great way to up your condo’s entertainment value. It also makes weekday dining much easier as you can snack as you cook and then simply plop down and eat right there at the counter while sitting on your comfortable and stylish stools.

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