Best Books for Fall 2020

Unique books take us on unique adventures. Don’t you agree? Some of the quests start with self-discovery and lead to re-invention of our inner strengths. And others help you escape to faraway lands, even to outer space. Here are the best books for Fall so you can explore some new unchartered territories. Buckle up!

Fine by AmyLea Murphy

If you worry about not being liked for who you are and try to hide behind a mask, then this young adult mystery novel is for you. Fine unpacks the dark truth of outwardly “fine” all-rounder teenager’s life, months before she disappears. As an attorney and youth mentor, author AmyLea Murphy has always been passionate about helping young members of the community.

In Fine, AmyLea takes you back to high school. You get a rare glimpse into the life of a student, Katie Williams, and her complex past. Years ago, her sister and best friend, Anna, went missing from a seemingly safe town. It looked like Anna had a great life – being a class vice-president, cheerleader, and a friendly face in school. So what happened? Nobody knows. After several unsuccessful search attempts in the following years, the case was closed. That’s when Katie decides to go through the police files in hopes of getting some clues. She discovers a drowning load of deep secrets about her sister she would have never thought existed.

What did she find? End the suspense and order your copy of Fine today.

The Perfect Revenge by WilD

Whether you are in the mood for an uplifting story or a little soul-searching, this book delivers. WilD is a storyteller and longtime philanthropist who’s dedicated generous amounts of time and money to organizations that aid women with troubled pasts. He takes his mission a step further by releasing The Dragonfly Rises, the first installment of The Perfect Revenge series, on October 20, 2020. It’s a thrilling, seductive saga with a strong message.

The Dragonfly Rises is Zoey’s tale of emotion-filled transformation from an apologetic child into an empowered woman every woman can relate to. Growing up, Zoey is constantly told of how she’s the cause of her parent’s death. Her legal guardian, uncle Max is every bit a terrible person seeding irreversible damage to Zoey’s life. The pace quickly shifts as Zoey manages to escape the horror. Things get worse before they get better. So when Zoey meets a strong female role model, together they work on shaping her mind, body, and soul. She is finally able to lift herself from the adversities and fully tap into her inner strength.

Rising from the ashes, Zoey is ready for her perfect revenge. To be part of her journey, order your copy of The Perfect Revenge now.

Junker Blues by Lon Varnadore

Has the pandemic left you craving for a break, an adventure, and the perfect escape? Then a get ready for the trip of a lifetime, all the way to the cosmos. Lon Varnadore, the author of the sci-fi fantasy series, Junker Blues, invites you to the fictional world you’ll love to read about.

The hero of this space odyssey is Marcus, a junkologist who fulfills his passion and earns his livelihood by searching for hidden tech treasures from abandoned space ships. Aside from jaw-dropping hi-tech action, the book has fascinating characters and a thrilling storyline. The pot-boiler follows Marcus as he scampers for his life, fighting evil aliens, space gangsters, even the Martian Defense Force. After teaming with his new hybrid partner, he stumbles on something that can change his life forever.

To hop on the Junker blues space ship, grab your copy of Junker Blues: Mars on Amazon today.

DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders by Sara Winokur

Calling all the Nordic thriller fans out there, brace yourself for a chilling Icelandic murder mystery. DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders by Sara Winokur helps you explore the country’s rich, historical heritage, rural farms, icy fjords, and the advanced world of DNA forensics.

Twenty years ago, a little boy disappeared, and his twin sister is left to live with the guilt of losing sight of her brother. One day, Brynja, the sister, receives a note that could potentially lead her to him. Brynja is a forensic geneticist at the National DNA database center, doing well for herself, and engaged to be married to the prime minister. But all this is about to slip away as she starts to decode the trail of clues delivered by an unknown sender.

The fabulous storyline, dramatic visuals, fascinating characters – all packed in one book. No wonder every reader is raving about. Get your copy of DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders now.

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