Are Fleas Dangerous to People?

When fleas bite, they can cause redness and itchiness. Most of the time, these symptoms would vanish would any signs. However, there are some fleas that can have a lasting impact on the health of people. This is because fleas are parasite vectors that can trigger the risk of various allergic reactions. 

One of the most common health issue caused by fleas would be allergies. The saliva of a flea can result in skin dermatitis. These are patches that appear lumpy and itchy on the surface of the skin. Likewise, some people tend to experience signs of asthma when they are near fleas. This is mainly caused due to flea droppings. 

The flea control experts at EcoTek Termite and Pest Control indicate that there are a few serious diseases caused by fleas, such as Tularemia, Tungiansis, and the very old bubonic plague, but all three diseases are extremely rare and seldom do people in North America get them from flea bites. 

 How do fleas infest homes? 

Even if your home is extremely tidy, there are chances of it being infested by fleas. There are many common and unlikely ways for fleas to enter into any property. Most of the time, fleas need a host to move from one place to another. Fleas can enter a home through old furniture. And, in some cases they find means of settling on your skin and entering into your property. Human beings are not ideal hosts for fleas. But, they can stick onto clothes, bags and shoes easily. This means, fleas can use people as a means of moving around. Fleas are strongly attracted to pets. Dogs and cats are primary hosts for fleas. Additionally, the fleas are extremely small. This makes it easier for them enter into homes through doors and windows. 

Why do you need professional assistance? 

Infestation of fleas in any home has to be handled properly. However, the process of eradicating fleas is not a DIY. You need professional assistance. 

With the help of a professional team, you can reduce the risks of fleas entering into your home again. The elimination will not happen in one go. It may require multiple plans. And, trained professions are known for coming up with unique plans, for every situation. When chemicals are used to eliminate fleas, they should be applied carefully. The risk imposed by pesticides on pets, kids and elders will be reduced drastically when a trained professional handles it. Above all, flea elimination needs prior skill and training. It also requires the right chemicals and tools. Only a professional would qualify for all these requirements. 

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