A Fat Girls Confidence – Must Read this Spring

From a young age, we are taught that “thin is beautiful”. Since it would be silly to think that we are born with this idea, we assume that it is learned. From the TV shows we grow up with, to the conversations we overhear between mothers, thin is constantly being described as the ultimate place for confidence. Along those same lines, we have grown accustomed to associating fat girls with words such as ugly, sloppy, and lazy. A word we do not often associate with fat girls is confidence.

In our society that has conditioned us to think that confidence can only be defined by physical appearance, Patrice Shavone Brown crushes the stereotype that only skinny people can find confidence. Coming from a place of experience, she preaches how she overcame her fears and learned to embrace her body. In A Fat Girl’s Confidence, she promises to help you live your life as a proud fat girl.

No matter what stage of confidence you are at, you can certainly benefit from her seven-day self-esteem inspiration workbook. The combination of daily affirmations and positive activities are short enough that they can fit into even the busiest schedule.

There is no need to be nervous because one of the first tasks involves choosing clean underwear that fits comfortably and makes you feel confident. She points out that you should be picking the underwear that you could proudly display if a crazy stranger were to ask you to randomly undress. This simple task follows her principle that even if nobody else can see it, you must take your self-care seriously. Especially if you have trouble loving your body.

While Brown gives a plethora of helpful tips to find confidence, she also acknowledges that it is a skill that we all possess; she simply activates that skill. Since our society has dictated that fat girls are lazy and sloppy, Brown makes the distinction that you cannot be a coach potato and expect people to praise you. To put that into different words, if society sees you being lazy and sloppy, you will be treated as such.

Following that logic, Brown takes it a step further by opening your mind for inner energy to thrive. It is okay if you do not know what that means right now, she will walk you through it. She first explains how we all have untapped energy, just sitting inside our bodies. Then she offers five distinct ways to find that inner energy and explains what it will feel like to release it. By detailing how the release of your inner energy can help attract positivity and feel in charge of your life, she gives hope for fat girls everywhere.

Any and every fat girl struggling to block out society’s poisonous “thin is beautiful” message should give this book a chance. If you enjoy reading daily affirmations and the idea of harnessing your inner energy, this is the right book for you. Brown will teach you to ignore society’s messages and leave you inspired in the belief that you are indeed a bold, beautiful, confident fat girl. Grab your copy on Amazon now.

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