6 Novels to Read in 2020 with Creepy Settings and Eerie Elements

If we
mentioned the Overlook Hotel, you’d automatically think of Stephen King’s, The
Shining. The name itself may bring a certain picture or film to mind. One of the
greatest tactics in horror is to take a place, whether real or fake, or known
for its elegance, and make it as frightening or eerie as you can. So just how
beneficial is it to author a novel with a creepy setting or an eerie element?
We’d say it’s very beneficial. Check out these five novels and their stand-out

1. A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and

The award-winning
horror novel by David Ruggerio is set in Brunswick, New York. It follows a young
boy as he takes on evil forces. The famous Forest Park Cemetery is a crucial
setting to this novel as it is the root and connection for evil origins. In
real life, the Forest Park Cemetery is said to be haunted. Visitors have often
reported sights of ghosts.

2. Straight Outta Tombstone

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The International best-selling anthology, Straight Outta Tombstone is a sweet tooth for horror lovers. In Straight Outta Tombstone, the Wild West become the Weird Wild West, and it features stories with magical, fantasy or a horror elements to it. The short story “Coyote” by Naomi Brett Rourke is included in the anthology. The author uses a dark and quiet street near a hotel and turns it into an unfortunate night of revenge and torture.

3. Monster on the Moors: A Bobby
Holmes Thriller (Bobby Holmes Mystery)

In the Monster on the Moors by J.M. Kelly, we follow Bobby Holmes and his group of mates down a lethal mystery as they search for their friend who was attacked and taken by the monster controlled by witches. Though the novel is set in the North York Moors, Bobby and his friends travel to the seaside town of Whitby, where the author brings forth a series of creatures, super beings, and beasts.

4. Imaginary Friend

From the New York Time’s Bestselling author Stephen Chbosky, comes a tale set in Mill Grove, Pennsylvania—a close and friendly community. Kate Reese is a single mother, and she is on the run. By assumption, Reese believes that the one-highway-in-one-highway-out built town is safe until her missing son, Christopher, returns home with an imaginary friend. The voice in the boy’s head has a warning he must obey, if not everyone in town with have a special visit.

5. The Uninvited

In The Uninvited by Jennifer McMahon, we follow Helen and Nate: A happy couple, on a mission to complete a do-it-yourself home on forty-four acres of rural land. But here is the conflict: They are about to gain more than the house of their dreams. Helen, who has a background in education and history discovers artifacts related to a local legend: Hattie Breckenridge. As the work on the home progresses the house becomes a nuisance; it has business it wants to complete.

6. The Last of Will

The Last of Will by
Sheryl Benko is a lighthearted novel that places a humorous twist on an eerie
situation. In this novel, we follow Greer Sarazen, as she is forced to join her
father for a road trip to return the ashes of a stranger. Along the way they
encounter a clown, a rodeo, a disco-dancing nerd and a belligerent dwarf. This is
a great book to read in between your horror fix.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of six novels to read in
2020 with creepy settings and eerie elements. All book listed are available on

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